Day 2 !

March 17, 2018  I need more sleep!  Today is Day 2 of the conference. This session is shorter than yesterday.   For these conferences our Coach invites guest speakers to come and tell their stories on how they became successful. These speakers come from within the company and provide us with little nuggets on how to jump start our own. In between, the big players in the business get recognized for their hard work and dedication over … Continue reading Day 2 !

DAY 1!

March 16, 2018  Today was a draining but productive day.  I woke up way earlier than normal today. I was up by 7am but it might have been earlier. I remember laying in bed telling myself to stay asleep. Too bad my brain was wide awake. It was racing at 1,000 miles per hour. My body could not even keep up. I had to literally force myself out of bed. If … Continue reading DAY 1!